Catering is one of the specialties of the Fairview Inn. Whether a large family reunion, business functions or even your dream wedding we can accomodate you in the finest. Please contact us at 226-2060 for more details or to schedule a reservation.

 Cold Hors'Doeurves 
 Chilled Jumbo shrimp with Sauce 
 Garnished Whole Alaskan Salmon 
 Cheese Ball with Crackers 
 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 
 Fresh Fruit Trays 
 Beef, Ham and Turkey on Cocktail Rolls 
 Chicken Salad in Miniature Puff Shell 
 Crab or Shrimp Salad in Miniature Puff Shell 
 Assorted Rolls with Butter and Jam 
 Filled Croissants 
 Sliced Meats (Ham, Roast Beef, etc.) 
 Assorted Cheese Slices 
 Deviled Eggs (Piped) 
 Pickle Picks (Pickle, Ham, Cheese, Olives) 
 Smokie Kabob (Li'l Smokies, Cheese, Pickles, Olives) 
 Fruit Kabob (Assorted fruits in season) 
 Layered Mexican Bean Dip 
 Salmon Mousse with Crackers 
 Beef Steak Tartar with Cocktail Rye 
 Taco Pinwheels with Sause 
 Veggie pizza Diamonds 
 Vegetable Tray with Dip 
 Chips and Dip 
 Mixed Nuts 
 Variety of Pastries 
 Mini Parmesan Toast 
 Stuffed Tomatoes 
   Hot Hors'Doeurves 
 Swedish Meatballs in Sour Cream or Barbecue Sauce 
 Chicken Drummies 
 Hot Shiskabob 
 Stuffed Muchrooms 
 Mini Quiches 
 Rumaki (Water chestnuts wrpped in bacon) 
 Miniature Twice Baked Potatoes 
 Ham Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce 
 Assorted Finger Meats (Polish sausage, Li'l Smokies, Chicken Drummies) 
 Salad Bowls 
 Chicken Salad 
 Potato Salad 
 Macaroni Salad 
 Pasta Salad 
 Fruit Salad in Watermelon Boat 
 Fruit Punch 
 Slush Punch 
 Coffee Urn (Serves 35) 
 Coffee Urn (Serves 55) 
 Flowing Coffee 
 Beverage Fountain 
Fairview Inn Bed & Breakfast
2998 Fairview Lane
American Falls, ID  83211
(208) 226-2060